Arcadian Aspects offers a full garden installation service - we can proudly stand by the old cliche "The person who designs the garden, installs the garden". With a talented core staff, always up for a challenge, Arcadian Aspects can create truly bespoke gardens & entertaining spaces. Having a high level of expertise & experience on site can be very cost effective, especially when unforseen problems occur, which can then be solved "on the fly", without the added expense of site meetings. As the following photographs will attest, the styles and sensibilities of our gardens are as individual as the personalities and lifestyles of our clients.

This service generally falls into two main categories. Firstly, there are the gardens being renovated for the purpose of selling. These are more often than not urban "make overs" done with the intention of realising a property's full potential at sale time. And secondly, there are the usually larger gardens that have suffered from varying degrees of neglect over the years, often with a new owner (or an existing owner with new priorities), who can see the potential of the garden even through the undergrowth. "My own garden is a perfect example of this, and like a number of these types of gardens, is a work in progress." - Barry Jarrott.
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