There are nearly as many ideas for gardens as there are gardens themselves. There are, however, a number of elements that have almost become prerequisites over the last few years. This is especially so in urban gardens where outdoor space has become increasingly compromised; where ‘lifestyle’ has become the catchcry of a generation; and where lack of water has emerged as a major contributing factor in the design and installation of the contemporary Australian garden. Elements such as:

- water and the ‘feel’ of water (especially running water) becoming very important,
- flat, hard entertaining spaces ie the ‘outdoor dining room’, and
- walls & hedging for privacy and noise reduction.

All of this doesn’t leave much room for the idea of the classic garden, and whilst it is simply part of the process of evolution of garden design, for people like myself (whose basic love is plants), it can become a little frustrating. The constant challenge is therefore to create useable outdoor spaces with all the elements a modern household requires, but also to make those spaces beautiful & changing - just to remind people that there is still such a thing as ‘the natural world’ and that they are a part of it. Please find illustrated elements of gardens that use these principles.

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